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Torrance, CA 90505
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Helping Families Find Their Way!
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The good news is you have the power to make a difference! Take the time to learn how you can make meaningful change in how your family interacts with each other as well as the world, takes on challenges with accountability and courage, and begins to love with acceptance and compassion.
It’s never too late to break free of “passing the hot potato” old family patterns of behavior that often create an atmosphere of everyone blaming everyone else and not feeling good enough. Using effective communication skills, proven problem solving strategies and collaborative discipline techniques can restore the joy of being a family and working together.
As a Certified Active Parenting Instructor, I am pleased to announce I offer Individual and Group Active Parenting Classes in Torrance at the Center for Counseling, Recovery, & Growth. 
Please call or visit the website for more information and to register.
 Parenting Children ages 5-12 Classes
 Parenting Tweens and Teens Classes
 Individual Parent Coaching Sessions*
 Customized Parenting Workshops for your school, church or business*
*Call to arrange a free consultation
Picture of 6-wk Class for Parents of TEENS
6-wk Class for Parents of TEENS
10% discount - $297 per person
6-week Course for Parents of TEENS
$297 for course ($49.50 per class)

$297.00 (USD)