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Couples Counseling at CCRG

Could your relationship use some help?

Our closest partnership is based on intimacy and trust. When it stops working, our health and happiness suffer. Pressures of work, family, money, and health all take their toll. Suddenly the relationship that once recharged us leaves us without energy and disappointed.

There are many reasons couples come to CCRG including trust issues, excessive complaining, infidelity, indifference and addiction.

Clinicians at CCRG are here to help.  Call now.


Considering marriage?

If you're planning a wedding, now is the time for pre-marriage coaching. You owe it to your partner to prepare, and no preparation is complete without  pre-marriage coaching .  While working with couples, I've often thought, ‘why didn't you come in before you got married!’ If you’re happy now, ensure the bliss lasts by preparing for the marriage and not just the wedding day. 


Relationship Assessment Reports and Packages

  • Online Relationship Assessment - $90

   includes 30+ page report

  •  Marriage Prep Package - $639

   includes online relationship assessment, 4 sessions in office or via video, 30+ page report

  • Budget Marriage Prep Package - $349

   includes online relationship assessment, 2 sessions in office or via video, 30+ page report