Why Pay Thousands On Your Wedding and Nothing On Your Marriage?

“If I get married, I want to be very married.” — Audrey Hepburn

• A deeply satisfying relationship takes money, time, and consistent work to happily last a lifetime.

• A wedding takes planning and cash and is over in a day.

Why Pay Thousands On Your Wedding and Nothing On Your Marriage?

Are you planning your wedding?

Planning to stay married??

After you’re engaged, choosing who you’ll invite and where you’ll honeymoon are the first things you think to do. Look ahead a little further, though. Pre-marriage Coaching will pay dividends long after the wedding day. Plan to beat the odds and don’t become another common divorce statistic.

Some think of premarital counseling if there’s doubt or some problems to sort out before the wedding. Kevin Bergen provides Pre-marriage Coaching instead because every marriage deserves to coach or personal trainer to get it right so it lasts.

Pre-marriage Coaching with Kevin can help you and your fiance/spouse improve your relationship by helping you develop better communication skills, learn conflict management, uncover your shared core values as well as identify differences that could create future conflict. Working with Kevin, you can discuss expectations with your partner that will help prepare both of you for marriage.

If these sound familiar,

  •     You and your partner have arguments with no resolution,
  •     You’re always compromising to keep the peace,
  •     You hesitate to talk about finances,
  •     You wonder about sex after marriage,
  •     You want better ways to handle conflict,
  •     You haven’t really addressed religious or financial differences,

. . . then Pre-marriage Coaching should definitely be part of your marriage plans.

A successful marriage requires that you open up to your partner about everything, no matter how awkward or uncomfortable. If you’re planning to hold back and keep “certain things” unmentioned, please don’t get married! Divorce costs too much (in money and heartache), especially if kids become involved. But Pre-marriage Coaching with Kevin will prepare you to feel perfectly understood, and you’ll learn to love communication with your partner because you’ll get so good at it.

In Pre-marriage Coaching, you’ll also learn to expertly manage conflict in your marriage. Sharing your life with someone, you’ll have arguments ranging from the very mundane to more serious issues. How you argue can accurately indicate how long you’ll be married. You will learn how to disagree as mature, equal adults. You won’t have to learn fighting fairly because you simply won’t need to fight. Fighting causes emotional pain from words you’ll never be able to take back. Prevent emotional hurt more and apologize less.

When we engage in your Pre-marriage Coaching, we’ll cover subjects you likely haven’t considered before. I have a fresh perspective as a licensed professional and an objective third party that will yield many new insights to strengthen the bond you already share.

Getting married is one of life’s most exciting experiences. Staying married can be life’s most rewarding endeavors. Kevin will teach you and your partner to grow your wedding day into a satisfying, fulfilling marriage.

To lay the foundation for your future marriage, schedule a 10-minute consultation with Kevin right now to see how you can make your fantasy your reality.

Eight Dates by John Gottman Whether you get premarriage coaching or not, Kevin highly recommends this book by John Gottman because it outlines simple subjects that every couple MUST discuss to ensure lasting happiness.

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