Personal Addiction Counseling

You may have grown dependent on a substance . . . or a behavior. Problem behavior can take many different forms. People often feel the need to use more of a drug (or behavior) to get the desired effect, and soon enough, that person may need the drug to simply get by.

I specialize is working with men who have a track record of problematic behaviors.

Here are some of the problems I treat:

  • Alcohol
  • Pornography
  • Pills (prescription or not)
  • Video gaming
  • Sexting/Dating apps
  • Excessive spending/shopping
  • Sex or masturbation
  • Gambling
  • Problem eating

How do you know if you have an addiction?

I get asked that a lot. My answer is that it doesn’t matter. Oftentimes I don’t even know if someone has an addiction. And the reason it doesn’t matter is because the best way I’ve learned to approach any behavior that’s become problematic (to any extent), is to treat it like an addiction. If you’re not an addict, and you agree to treat your issue as if it’s an addiction for a predetermined period of time, the very worst outcome would be that you learn a really good way to live life.

So what constitutes a “problem behavior”? See if any of the following signs apply for you.

Problem behaviors are often accompanied by these symptoms:

  • A need to use the behavior or drug regularly (maybe daily or multiple times a day)
  • Intense urges to act out
  • Over time, needing more of the drug or behavior to get the desired effect
  • Storing up a supply of the drug
  • Missing obligations or family/work responsibilities
  • Crossing more and more boundaries (that maybe you thought you’d never cross)
  • Lying to cover up your behavior
  • Progressively more time and energy on “hunting” for opportunities to act out
  • Withdrawal symptoms when not using the drug or engaging in the behavior
  • Failed attempts to stop

If you can relate to any of the above symptoms or behaviors, it may be time to consider addiction counseling.

As an addiction counselor, I will address the symptoms of your addiction and the related areas of impaired functioning, and together we’ll structure the time and content of your ongoing recovery.

I believe that there are many paths to successful recovery that will work with your goals and desires, and ensure you can make the life changes you want to make. Contact me today for a free consultation.

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